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Mathematics and Statistics

Weather and Climate Science

Our research centres on modelling of the climate system, and quantifying and reducing uncertainties in climate projections. This group has very strong links to the Met Office including two jointly-funded chairs, and a common goal to maximise the pull-through of mathematics and statistics into the improvement of climate models.

Research interests

The Weather and Climate Science group focuses on the modelling, analysis and understanding of the Earth system and its response to human perturbations. We are working on many components of the Earth System such as: ocean-atmosphere dynamics and variability; aerosols, clouds and water cycle interactions; carbon cycle feedbacks; land surface biogeochemistry; sea ice dynamic; atmospheric chemistry; detection and attribution of climate change; etc.

Expertise in the group spans the understanding and modelling of most of the major uncertainties in the response of the climate system to anthropogenic forcing:

  • clouds and water vapour
  • carbon cycle
  • aerosols, clouds and climate
  • sea-ice
  • land-surface
  • stratosphere

In addition, this group is committed to quantifying and reducing the overall uncertainties in climate projections through:

  • probabilistic climate projections
  • statistical emulation methods
  • data-assimilation


See the drop-down menus below to find out more about the staff members who work within the Weather and Climate Science theme, and which modules they teach.

Academic staff
Professor Mark P. Baldwin Professor of Climate Science
Dr John Bruun Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Jennifer Catto Associate Professor
Dr Robin Chadwick Senior Lecturer (E&R) (GSI)
Professor Mat Collins Professor of Climate Change
Professor Peter Cox Professor, Director of Global Systems Institute
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein FRS Chair, Mathematical Modelling of Climate Systems
Professor Jim Haywood Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Tim Jupp Senior Lecturer
Professor Tarje Nissen-Meyer Professor in Environmental Intelligence
Dr Fiona O'Connor Senior Lecturer in Atmospheric Composition
Dr Mike O'Sullivan Lecturer
Dr Daniel Partridge Senior Lecturer in Atmospheric Science (E&R)
Professor Adam Scaife Professor
Professor James Screen Professor in Climate Science
Professor Peter Stott Professor
Dr Mark Williamson Proleptic lecturer
Post-doctoral research fellows
Dr Russell Blackport Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Chadburn Research Fellow
Dr Michael Cotterell Associate Research Fellow
Dr Taraka Davies-Barnard Associate Research Fellow
Dr Michael Dunne Graduate Research Fellow
Dr Paul Kim Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Emma Littleton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Florent Malavelle Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Priestley Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Paul Ritchie Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Hongsheng Wang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Visitors, emeritus and honorary fellows
Dr Mengyan Chen Visitor
Dr Huiyi Yang Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jun Ying Visitor
Research administrators
Linda McIlwraith Climate Systems Research Administrator Mon-Wed AM
Viv Atureta Postgraduate
Paul Bell Postgraduate
Catherine Bradshaw
Joe Clarke Postgraduate
Abrar Hayat Postgraduate
Tommy Irons Postgraduate
Chris Kent Postgraduate
Rebecca Millington Postgraduate
Emanuele Tovazzi Postgraduate
Jakob Wessel Postgraduate
Ned Williams Postgraduate
Dr Carolina Duran Rojas Software Engineer

Members of the Weather and Climate Science theme are happy to discuss potential PhD opportunities. Jobs within this group will be posted on the University job portal.

Postgraduate research opportunities

The Weather and Climate Science group at Exeter maintains an international reputation for research and we continue to invest in top-quality academics and offer a range of projects to research students to enhance this expertise. For more details of our facilities and training programmes, see our pages for postgraduate taught and postgraduate research degrees.

Apply for a research degree in mathematics

Details of research opportunities within mathematics are listed on our webpage. A list of projects for which funding is currently available can be found on our dedicated studentship webpage.

If you are interested in doing a PhD in pure mathematics, please contact potential supervisors to discuss possible projects. You can find out more and apply on our website.

For questions and enquiries please contact Prof Jim Haywood