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Mathematics and Statistics


"Research informs our teaching at all levels from undergraduate to postgraduate. Our department hosts many research students, fellows and international visitors working with members of the department."

"The department undertakes a wide range of research activities ranging from abstract mathematical structures related to number theory and geometry though differential equations, statistics, data science, numerical modelling and machine learning to impactful and interdisciplinary applications in weather, climate and healthcare.

The common theme is that we use a range of techniques where mathematics and statistics can bring unique insights. Our scholars are supported by a range of research grants and funding from UKRI, EU, government, industry and charities. If you are interested in our work and would like to work with us, do get in contact!"

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Professor Peter Ashwin

Director of Research and Impact

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Fundamental research and PhD programmes in a wide range of research topics in mathematics and statistics

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100% of our mathematical sciences research impact rated internationally excellent (REF 2021)

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Researchers embedded within the University of Exeter’s internationally leading interdisciplinary research institutes

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Academic partnership with the Met Office and a range of other external organizations

Research themes

Our research is organized into several research themes that concentrate on specific areas of mathematics, statistics and applications, but there is a lot of cross-over between themes in terms of projects, staff and students. There is a lively series of seminars, workshops and training courses that are offered. We host many short and long-term international visitors.

Research institutes and centres

Many of our staff are associated with university-wide institutes and centres. Institutes and centres allow interdisciplinary and cross-departmental collaboration on wider research interests.