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Mathematics and Statistics

The David Rees Distinguished Visiting Fellowship

The David Rees Distinguished Visiting Fellowship scheme enables mathematicians of international renown to spend an extended period of time at the University of Exeter to enable them to contribute to the University’s academic and intellectual activities.

David Rees (1918-2013) was Professor of Mathematics and former Head of Department at the University of Exeter. He had a long and distinguished research career in semigroup theory and commutative algebra. During the Second World War was active undertaking Enigma research at Bletchley Park; after this he reached the highest international levels of mathematical research, being appointed Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) and of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications (FIMA). He was awarded the Pólya Prize of the London Mathematical Society in 1993.

Key responsibilities of David Rees Fellows

During their period of time at the University, Fellows will:

  • present a public lecture in the University’s Inspiring Science Series
  • present specialist lectures or seminars on a topic aligned to their research interests
  • be engaged in research with members of the staff from the mathematics discipline
  • prepare a brief report at the conclusion of their visit

Current and Previous Rees Fellows

2023: Prof Seonhee Lim, Seoul National University, Korea
2022: Prof Jon Keating, University of Oxford, UK
2019: Prof James V. Zidek, University of British Columbia, Canada
2019: Prof Michael Benedicks, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
2018: Professor Jacques Vanneste, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
2017: Professor Zeev Rudnick, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
2016: Professor Arek Goetz, San Francisco State, United States of America
2016: Professor Thomas Zink, Bielefeld University, Germany