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Thursday 30 Mar 2023Algebra and Number Theory Seminar: Random matrix theory and moments of moments of L-functions.

Mr. Chris Best - University of Exeter

Harrison 101 15:30-16:30

Abstract: In this talk I will look at the conjectural link between random matrix theory and the analytic theory of L-functions.  In paticular, I will dicuss the moments of the Riemann zeta-function and of the characteristic polyonmials of random unitary matrices. I will then introduce a generalisation, namely the 'moments of moments', along with their applications to extreme values and the relevant conjectures of Fyodorov and Keating. After discussing the recent results in the direction of these conjectures, I will finish by looking at our results which give an analytic proof of the asymtotics of the symplectic and orthogonal moments of moments and an application to the moments of moments of L-functions. This is joint work with Julio Andrade.

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