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Wednesday 14 Feb 2024From Astrophysics to Night Time Remote Sensing

Alejandro Sanchez - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Physics building, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

This talk presents an interdisciplinary journey from the field of astrophysics, to the application of the same techniques to night time remote sensing for Earth Observation (EO). I will explore how the technologies and techniques developed for and commonly employed in observational astronomy can be repurposed to analyse and perform inter calibration of cutting-edge satellite imagery. Correctly calibrated high-resolution, multi-band imagery, such as that available from the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, or EO platforms (such as the Jilin-1 constellation, or SDGSAT-1), play a vital role in mapping of artificial light across both urban and rural landscapes. Such nocturnal mapping allows assessment of the impacts of light pollution, monitoring of socioeconomic development, and rapid assessment of disaster impacts and recovery.

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