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Photo of Prof Zoe Kelson

Prof Zoe Kelson

Associate Professor


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I am a mathematician, statistician, and data scientist with a particlar interest in the applications of medicine, health, and forensic science.


My research applies mathematical and statistical methods to solve real-world problems, with expertise in:

  • optimisation
  • mathematical modelling
  • epidemiology
  • meta-analysis and sysematic reviews
  • clinical trials
  • medical statistics
  • image analysis
  • AI

As a statistical reviewer and mathematical advisor, I work with academia, industry and Government.


I am a STEM Ambassador, assessor for the L’Oreal and UNESCO Women in Science International award, and Fellow and Chartered Mathematician of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.


  • 2024-current  Associate Professor in the Mathematics and Statistics Department, University of Exeter
  • 2021-current  Statistical Reviewer, Mathematical Advisor, and Editor for Academic Journals and Research Councils
  • 2012-2021  Business Development Manager and Consultant Mathematician at the Smith Institute, Oxford
  • 2011-2012  Lecturer at the School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
  • 2008-2011  Research Associate and Medical Statistician at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University
  • 2005-2008  Senior Decision Science Analyst at HBOS Personal Lending
  • 2002-2005  PhD in Mathematical modelling of Treatment Effects in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
  • 2002-2003  Postgraduate Diploma, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
  • 1999-2002  BSc in Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics – First Class Honors, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University



  • PhD scholarship from the School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
  • Winner of Best Talk at the Young Statisticians Meeting (YSM) of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) 
  • Invited speaker at the RSS conference
  • Grant winner from the William Morgan Thomas (WMT) fund
  • Principal Investigator of DePICA, funded by the Children and Young Persons Research Network (CYPRN)
  • Elected Member of Council at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
  • Committee Member of the Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) at IMA
  • Fellow (FIMA) and Chartered Mathematician (CMath) of the IMA
  • Committee Member of the Business and Industry Section (BIS) of the RSS
  • Chartered Statistician (CStat) of the RSS
  • Invited speaker for the RSS, Business and Industry Section
  • Invited speaker for the IMA
  • STEM Ambassador
  • Guest speaker at the Young Talent Consultancy Camp in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)



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