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Photo of  Timothy Lam

Timothy Lam



Telephone: 01392 723612

Extension: (Streatham) 3612

I am a PhD student under the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Environmental Intelligence.

My PhD research seeks to quantify the teleconnections to droughts and fire risks during the dry season in the Borneo region using a causal framework and analysis-ready data from the observations and climate models. It contributes to a GCRF-funded project which investigates the broader causes, impacts and mitigation actions of peat fires in Indonesian Borneo, in collaboration with researchers from Indonesia and across the UK.

My areas of interest are as follows:

  • Predictions and projections of weather and climate hazards in the Asia-Pacific region on subseasonal to interdecadal timescales
  • Open-source software tools for climate research, as a contributor of The Environmental Data Science Book and the Pangeo project, in collaboration with The Alan Turing Institute and Met Office
  • Capacity building on climate change adaptation