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Photo of Prof Peter Cox

Prof Peter Cox

Professor, Director of Global Systems Institute


Telephone: 01392 725220 or 01392 722223

Extension: (Streatham) 5220 or (Streatham) 2223

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Professor of Climate System Dynamics in Mathematics at the University of Exeter (since 2006), having previously worked at the Met Office-Hadley Centre (1990-2004) and the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (2004-2006). A lead-author on the last three Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC AR4, AR5, AR6), and a highly-cited author in Geosciences. 

PhD Opportunitities

Offering to supervise self-funded PhD studentships in the areas of:

  • Interactions and feedbacks between the and-surface and climate
  • Dynamic Global Vegetation Modelling
  • Emergent constraints on climate-carbon cycle feedbacks 

Opportunities for funded studentships are described here:

University Roles

External Roles

Current research interests

  • Emergent Constraints on Earth System Sensitivities (ECCLES ERC project).
  • Theoretical relationships between climate variability and climate sensitivity (ECCLES ERC project)
  • Vegetation Dynamics and Demography (developing the RED model)
  • Improving the representation of land-surafce processes in JULES (e.g. SOX model).

Publications and citations

Associated Postdocs

Associated PhD students

  • Arthur Argles (Vegetation Demography and Disturbance - College/Met Office studentship).
  • Simon Jones (Non-structural carbohydrates in JULES - Anna Harper's student).
  • Rebecca Millington (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience - QUEX studentship).
  • Femke Nijsse (Theroretical Basis for Emergent Constraints - ERC ECCLES project).
  • Becky Varney (Emergent Constraints on the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle - ERC ECCLES project).
  • Joe Clarke (Rate-dependent Tipping Points - ERC ECCLES project).

Working groups, committees and wider recognition

  • Lead-author on the IPCC  AR4, AR5 and AR6 reports.
  • Member of the REF2014 panel for UoA7 (2011-2014).
  • Member of the NERC Science Board (2014-2017).
  • Highly-cited author 2014 - 2019.
  • Winner of Royal Met Soc Adrian Gill Award 2007

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