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Photo of Mrs Lamia Alyami

Mrs Lamia Alyami



I'm a PhD student at the department of Mathematics. My PhD research aims to get an optimal estimation by using new kind of Kalman filters for the dynamic models by studying different noise distributions.

First supervisor:  Dr. Saptarshi Das 

Second supervisor:  prof. Stuart Townley. 

My research interests include Bayesian methods, time series analysis and computational statistics.


1- Publication:

Alyami L, Das S. (2022) State Estimation of the Spread of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia using Extended Kalman Filter2022 Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Conference (SSPD), 13th - 14th Sep 2022, 2022 Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Conference (SSPD), DOI:10.1109/sspd54131.2022.9896194.


2- Teaching:

1- (ECM2907) Statistical Modelling. Course: (ECM2907) Statistical Modelling (

2- (MTHM033) Statistical modelling in Space and Time. Course: (MTHM033) Statistical Modelling in Space and Time (


3- Conferences and Talks:

1- Talk: in seminar series postgraduate about (Kalman filter from simple to complex) in the mathematics department in the Penryn campus on 14 February.

2- Poster presenter: PGR conference at Exeter university in March 2021.

3- Poster presenter:  BMC BAMC 2021 conference- Glasgow BMC-BAMC Glasgow 2021 - Abstracts - Poster Session (

4- Poster presenter: Research Showcase 2022 at Exeter university 13-16 June. 

5- Poster presenter + Talk: SSPD  2022 conference 13-14 September- London.

6- Talk: in the Dynamical System seminars series.

7- Talk: in the Mathematics and Statistics seminars series. Exeter Maths PhD Seminars (


1- Excellence award from for academic achievements during 2021.