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Dr Jimmy Tseng

Senior Lecturer (E&R)


I am a senior lecturer in mathematics.  My research focuses on homogeneous dynamics, ergodic theory, number theory (especially Diophantine approximation), geometry, and the interactions of these fields.  I have previously held teaching and research positions at the University of Bristol, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the Ohio State University.  


A central theme of my research is the notion of equidistribution or the lack of it in various dynamical systems.  Most of the dynamical systems that I consider arise naturally from number theory, Lie groups and their lattices, and/or questions related to physics.  The tools that I use come from these fields as well as from ergodic theory/dynamical systems, harmonic analysis, and geometric measure theory.

List of my publications and preprints

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MTHM004 Fractal Geometry

MTHM048 Ergodic Theory


Conferences Organised

Homogeneous Dynamics and Related Topics Exeter, 16 May 2022  -- 19 May 2022

(A link to the registration form is here.  A mirror conference webpage hosted locally at the University of Exeter is here.)

Dynamics, number theory, and geometry @ Exeter, 05 April 2019



AB (Harvard), MS (Yale), PhD (Brandeis), FHEA