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Prof Jim Haywood

Professor of Atmospheric Science


Telephone: 01392 725279

Extension: (Streatham) 5279

Jim has interests that include in-situ and remote sensing measurements of atmospheric aerosols and modelling their impacts upon weather, air-quality, visibility and climate. Jim has led many aircraft-based measurement campaigns investigating the impacts of Saharan dust over West Africa, biomass burning smoke over Brazil and Africa and its transport across the Atlantic Ocean, pollution aerosols over Europe, and volcanic aerosols from the Eyjafjallajokull and Holuraun eruptions. He is a named inventor on several patents for volcanic ash sensors.

Jim has won research grants of £4m including acting as the overall or University of Exeter PI of the CLARIFY-2017 NERC large grant, and SASSO, IMPRESS and ADVANCE standard grants and the EXTEND seedcorn grant. Modelling work that Jim has performed includes assessment of the climate impact of various different anthropogenic and natural aerosols, modelling the impact of volcanic eruptions, and the impacts of hypothetical schemes to counter global warming. Jim has also investigated the Earth's energy flows and extremes in tropial cyclones and precpitation. Jim has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles in the scientific literature including publications in Science, Nature, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications and Reviews of Geophysics. He has received a number of national and international commendations and awards for his work. Jim has been an author of the IPCC Scientific Assessment Reports since 2001; the IPCC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts. He is currently a lead author of a chapter examining the potential impacts of stratospheric aerosol injection for the Montreal Protocol Assessmeent of the Ozone Layer which is due to be published in 2022. 

Memberships/Fellowships/Reviewing Duties:

Advisory Board for In-Service Aircraft for a Global Observing System (IAGOS) (2014-present)

Chair of the Atmospheric Measurement Facility Advisory Board (2014-2021)

Reviewer for Finland Academy of Science (2017-present)

Reviewer for Norwegian Research Council (2017-present)

Reviewer for NASA (2018-present) 



2000: NOAA Oceans and Atmospheric Research Outstanding Paper Award.

2004: AMS Henry G. Houghton award for young atmospheric scientists of outstanding ability.

2007: IPCC awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

2007: IPCC: Atmospheric Science Librarians International award for high impact comprehensive publication.

2009: Strungmann Forum Report: Atmospheric Science Librarians International award.

2009: Outstanding Scientific Award. Met Office Chairman's commendation for work on contrail induced cirrus.

2010: Editors Citation for Excellence in Refereeing for JGR-Atmospheres.

2011: Outstanding Scientific Award. Met Office Chairman's commendation for work on Eyjafjallajokull eruption.

2011: Royal Meteorolgical Society Buchan Prize for the most important original contributions to meteorology

2019: NASA Group Achievement Award: Observations of aerosols above clouds and their interactions (ORACLES)


Current GRAs/PDRAs and PhD students:

Dr Ying Chen

Dr Ju Liang

Dr Martin Osborne (PhD pending)

Ms Lilly Damany Pearce

Ms Alice Wells

Ms Trish Nowak