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Jordan Moore



Telephone: 01392 727463

Extension: (Streatham) 7463

About Me

I previously graduated with an MMath degree at Durham. Aside from mathematical biology, my main areas of mathematical interest are PDE's, numerical analysis and riemannian geometry

Current Research

My PhD title is "spatio-temporal analysis of insulinitis in type 1 diabetes". My proposed method for doing this will be to model the pancreas and its biological components on a lorentzian manifold. The use of mathematics from general relativity has not been used so much in mathematical biology, so I am very much looking forward to abusing it in this manner.

Previous Research

In my undergraduate degree, I did some independent research in symplectic numerical integration methods; building a model of a pendulum on a pendulum, on a pendulum, on a.... pendulum. This cumulated in a presentation to the Tommorow Mathematicians Today (TMT) conference in York 2014. I also received an EPSRC scholarship to conduct research into thin film delamination under the Föppl von-Kármán equations. This used a lot of applied maths.

Previous Work in Industry

I have also done Summer internships at Tesco's head office and Rolls Royce. At Tesco's I was designing a stock forecasting system for long lead time items such as T.V.'s from china. This system, which I believe is still in use, controlled over 4 bn pounds of stock by the time I left. At Rolls Royce, I was working on the PWR3 nuclear reactors for the Trident replacement Subs. This work was covered under the National Secrets act so I am not allowed to discus this further.

Other interests

Outside of my academic work, I love history and how it seems to repeat itself every now and again. I also do judo, having once been a national bronze medallist, before I decided to do maths for a living. I also do table tennis and running at a much more casual level