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Photo of Dr Jennifer Catto

Dr Jennifer Catto

Associate Professor


Telephone: 01392 724564

Extension: (Streatham) 4564

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Research Interests

I use a combination of observations and models to understand high impact weather systems in the present and and future climate in order to improve climate resilience and improve disaster reduction.

Some current research questions and projects:

  • Can we estimate worst-case storms and stormy seasons using seasonal forecast data? (project funded by Guy Carpenter)
  • How are extreme precipitation events in observations and climate models impacted by the presence of different weather phenomena and other large-scale features? (project funded by US Department of Energy)
  • KaLi project - investigating climate and land-use drivers of drought and fire risk in Indonesian Borneo.
  • STORMY-WEATHER project - plausible worst case scenarios using a storm typology method.


I am in the Storm Risk group with members who investigate many types of high impact weather and climate events. 


  • David Stephenson
  • Matthew Priestley
  • Jacob Maddison
  • Stephanie Hay
  • Mark England
  • Ben Youngman
  • Lizzy Galloway
  • Yi Wang
  • Hao Yu
  • Toby Jones
  • Harriet Gilmour
  • Owain Harris