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Photo of Dr Hamid  Alemi Ardakani

Dr Hamid Alemi Ardakani

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics



Visit my Personal Website which includes topics for researchers and students. 

If you are interested in doing a Ph.D. please email me directly. UK/EU students are welcome to contact me if they wish to develop their own Ph.D. research proposal for the EPSRC DTP and NERC DTP studentship opportunities. 

I am offering to supervise self-funded PhD students in the areas of

  • Geometric mechanics and symmetry.
  • Nonlinear waves and multisymplectic numerical methods for Hamiltonian PDEs.
  • Geometric and structure-preserving algorithm design and numerical analysis.
  • Finite volume Riemann methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations; Symplectic finite volume methods.
  • Lagrangian, Hamiltonian, and geometric fluid mechanics.
  • Theoretical fluid mechanics, Lagrangian averaged Navier–Stokes models.
  • Hamiltonian particle-mesh theory and EPDiff.
  • Variational methods and long-time computational modelling of ocean wave energy extraction.

I am a Member of the London Mathematical Society, INI and ICMS Correspondent, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).

Applied Geometric Mechanics Research Network is currently supported by the London Mathematical Society.


MTH3032:  Applications of Geometry and Topology

ECM3908:  Partial Differential Equations

ECM2908:  Vector Calculus and Applications

MTHM607: Computational Modelling and Simulation