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Photo of Prof Geoffrey Vallis

Prof Geoffrey Vallis



Telephone: 01392 725710

Extension: (Streatham) 5710

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My interests are in climate dynamics and planetary atmospheres, and my work varies between basic research in geophysical fluid dynamics and more applied modeling of various aspects of the oceans, atmospheres, or climate, although distinguishing between these subfields can sometimes be quite arbitrary. A common feature of my work is trying to use basic theory in conjunction with more complete numerical models to come to a more well-rounded understanding of phenomena than can be achieved with a single approach.

  • Atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics, including,
  • General circulation of the ocean and atmosphere
  • Circulation of planetary atmospheres
  • Turbulence theory, especially geostrophic turbulence
  • Climate dynamics

If you are interesting in doing a Ph.D. or a postdoc in any of the above areas please email me directly.