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Photo of Dr Farzaneh Darki

Dr Farzaneh Darki

Postdoctoral Research Fellow



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Darki, F., & Rankin, J., (2021) Perceptual rivalry with vibrotactile stimuliAttention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 1-12.

Darki, F., & Rankin, J., (2020) Methods to assess binocular rivalry with periodic stimuliThe Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, 10(1), 1-21.


The datasets generated and analyzed in Perceptual rivalry with vibrotactile stimuli are available in the GitHub repository farzaneh-darki/Darki2021_perceptual.

Source code for the model in Methods to assess binocular rivalry with periodic stimuli is available at the GitHub repository farzaneh-darki/Darki2020_methods.