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Submitted and In Revision

Salter, J. M., Williamson, D.B., Gregoire, L.J., Edwards, T. L. (2020) "Quantifying spatio-temporal boundary condition uncertainty for the North American deglaciation". In Revision for SIAM Journal of Uncertainty Quantification.   Kimpton, L., Challenor, P., Williamson, D.B., (2020) Classification of computer models with labelled outputs. In Submission   Xu, W., Williamson, D.B., Challenor, P. (2020) Local Voronoi tessellations for robust multi-wave calibration of computer models. In Submission.   Couvreux, F., Hourdin, F., Williamson, D. B., Roehrig, R., Volodina, V., Villefranque, N., Rio, C., Audouin, O., Salter, J., Bazile, E., Brient, F., Favot, F., Honnert, R., Lefebvre, MP, Madeleine, JB, Rodier, Q. (2020) Process-based climate model development harnessing machine learning: I. a calibration tool for parameterization improvement.    Hourdin, F., Williamson, D. B., Rio, C., Couvreux, F., Roehrig, R., Villefranque, N., Musat, I., Fairhead, L., Diallo, F. B., Volodina, V. (2020) Process-based climate model development harnessing machine learning: II. model calibration from single column to global. In Submission to JAMES.