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Photo of Prof Beth Wingate

Prof Beth Wingate



Telephone: 01392 725711

Extension: (Streatham) 5711

See my Personal Web Pages which include topics for postdocs and students.

Research Interests

Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Applied Mathematics and Modeling
Numerical Analysis
Ocean and Atmosphere Dynamics and Modeling


Beth Wingate is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Exeter. Her research interests are mainly in fluid mechanics, mathematics,  and numerics for high performance computing. Her recent research is focused on physics of the Arctic Ocean, Aymptotic Parallel-in-Time methods for climate modeling and High Performance Computing, and the fluid mechanics of the slow/fast manifolds.

She did her PhD work at the University of Michigan studying numerics, waves and ocean fluid dynamics. She has developed and used spectral element methods including the investigation of near optimal interpolation on triangles with Mark Taylor. She spent many years at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA. While there she studied such topics as the LANS-alpha model and overflows.  She and her collaborators derived new equations for wave-mean flow in the weak stratification and fast rotation limit which has lead to new ideas such as novel investigations of fluctuations from the slow manifold (with Jared Whitehead and Paul Burns) and an asymptotic parallel-in-time method for highly oscillatory PDEs (with Terry Haut and Adam Peddle). She also co-supervises 2 PhD students: Alex Owen (with Roger Grimshaw) and Georgina Long (with Mike Bell of the UK Met Office).

She has published poetry in literary journals such as the Cafe Luna Review, Iowa Review, Prairie Schooner, Natural Bridge, and others. Her work has also appeared in anthologies such as "Looking Back to Place" published by Old School Books.