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Photo of  Amber Walsh

Amber Walsh



Telephone: 01392 722251

Extension: (Streatham) 2251

I'm a second year PhD student (NERC GW4+ DTP) that is part of the Climate Dynamics group in Exeter. My project is focused on the analyses of PAMIP data, a multi-model comparison of the atmospheric response to sea-ice loss as a result of climate change. I am particularly interested in what, if any, the modulating effects of ENSO, the QBO, and their combination are on the atmospheric sea-ice loss response. I am supervised by James Screen and Adam Scaife in Exeter, Doug Smith (Met Office) and Tom Bracegirdle (British Antarctic Survey).

Before joining Exeter, I receieved an MSc in Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate from the University of Reading, and an MPhys in Physics from the University of Manchester. My undergraduate and masters research projects were focused on palaeoclimates (the Huronian glaciation and the Last Glacial Maximum & Mid-Holocene respectively).