News and Events

Exploratory Workshop: What is Data-Intensive Science?

This workshop is the first event in the project ERC project [DATA_SCIENCE], organised by Sabina Leonelli from the Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences and funded through a European Research Council Starting Grant. It brings together the key participants in the project, aiming to start long-term discussions around what constitutes data-intensive science, to compare the ways in which different scholars and fields conceptualise and enact data practices, and to agree on the set-up, methods and themes to be pursued by the project team and collaborators over the next three years. 

Big Data Challenge Series: Disparate data sets

The Big Data Challenges Series is hosted by Exeter’s newly formed Data Science Network and ExIStA.

The two hour session will include three twenty minute presentations and networking time to promote discussions within the group. The seminar series is aimed at encouraging interdisciplinary research collaborations and grant proposals.

Big Data Challenge Series: Methodologies and Analytics

The Big Data Challenges Series is a series of two hour events will include a 45 minute key note talk and two ten minute presentations to promote questions and discussions within the group. The events are aimed to promote interdisciplinary research collaborations and grant proposals and are held in collaboration with Exeter’s newly formed Data Science Network and The Exeter Initiative for Statistics and its Applications (ExIStA).

Q-Step Launch

The Q-Step Centre will be launched with an event for staff, students and external partners on Thursday 20th March 2014.  Q-Step is a 19.5 million programme designed to promote a step-change in quantitative social science training.

Open Data Forum Devon

This is your opportunity to get involved in an early, informal coversation - bringing together those with an interest in the open data agenda - to help discover what data matters to Devon businesses and our communities, and to establish next steps.

Imaging to Mathematical Modelling

Imaging to Mathematical Modelling: Exploring new methods to understand complex living systems will be held at Reed Hall (the University of Exeter) on Tuesday 21st January.  The list of topics is diverse and encompasses the entire experimental cycle from image analysis to modelling and experimental design.

Probability and the Law

The second joint ExIStA and RSS South West Local Group seminar took place on the 11th October with invited speaker Norman Fenton, Director of Risk and Information Management Research at Queen Mary University of London and CEO of Agena Ltd.  Norman specialises in quantitative risk assessment covering a wide range of applications including medical trials, financial services and predicting football scores but, for this seminar, he focussed on the fascinating application of law and legal reasoning.

Talking Data South West 2013

On Thursday 20th June the Exeter Initiative for Statistics and its Applications (ExIStA) hosted Talking Data South West, the region's first conference aimed at showcasing all of the different data-related activities being undertaken within the South West. There was a fantastic response with over 100 delegates representing more than 50 organisations from around the region. The day consisted of a dozen presentations including our three keynote speakers, poster presentations as well as plenty of time to network.

Software Carpentry Workshops

The Wellcome Trust Biomedical Informatics Hub at the University of Exeter are running 2-3 day workshops in November taking place at both the Streatham and Tremough campuses.

ExIStA Gains 2013 Funding

ExIStA are extremely pleased to have received an additional 6 months' worth of funding from the EPSRC's Bridging the Gaps scheme.

ExIStA Reaches Its First Anniversary!

To celebrate this achievement and to mark our first anniversary, ExIStA held a poster and networking session at the University of Exeter’s Innovation Centre on the afternoon of the 5th December.

Don’t Know, Can’t Know: Communicating Risk and Deeper Uncertainty

The first joint ExIStA and RSS South West Local Group seminar took place at the University of Exeter on Monday 19th November with invited speaker Professor David Spiegelhalter. 

Medical and Health Research Showcase

All medical and health researchers are invited to present their research projects at the Medical and Health Research Showcase in 2013. The showcase afternoon will allow you to display your work, network with the regional research community, develop collaborations and to listen to 3 keynote speakers.

Introducing the ExIStA Early Career Section

ExIStA's Early Career Section was launched with an afternoon event on Wednesday 17th October.

Registration Now Open for the next ExIStA Events

Registration is now open for ExIStA's next two events.

Forecasting Workshop

The latest ExiStA event focussed on forecasting and was held on the University campus on June 28th. Nearly 40 members attended the event which saw five speakers covering a broad range of applications of statistical forecasting.

New Honour for Sabina

Sabina Leonelli admitted to Society of Biology

ExIStA gains its own LinkedIn Group

There is now an ExIStA group on LinkedIn to which all ExIStA members are invited to join.

Egenis and GARNet Workshop: Making Data Accessible to All

Registration is now open for this event to be held at the Innovation Centre from 12-13th July 2012.

Registration Now Open for February ExIStA Event

Registration is now open for the next ExIStA event which will be held on Wednesday 29th February at the Exeter University Innovation centre from 4-6pm.

ExIStA Launch Event

The launch event held on November 28th was a huge success with over 100 people attending a showcase of more than 40 posters describing statistical activity in the region.

Registration Now Open for ExIStA Launch Event

Registration is now open for the ExIStA launch event which will be held on Monday 28th November at the Exeter University Innovation centre from 4-6pm.

ExIStA Member Nominated for Impact Award

ExIStA steering group member David Stephenson has been nominated for one of seven Exeter Impact Awards.

ExIStA Logo Unveiled

ExIStA today unveils it's new logo.

Clustered Hurricanes Reduce Impact on Ecosystems

New research has found that hurricane activity is 'clustered' rather than random, which has important long-term implications for coastal ecosystems and human populations. 

MRC Call for E-Health Informatics Research Centres

The MRC in collaboration with a variety of private and public sector partners have announced a call for proposals for Centres of Excellent in research linking electronic health data with a deadline for outline proposals of November 1st 2011.

ExIStA Gain EPSRC Funding

ExIStA have been successful in their bid to win funds from the EPSRC under their Bridging the Gaps Initiative to fund a series of events over the coming year.