Early Career Section

What is Early Career?

Early Career is loosely defined as in or within 5 years of postgraduate study, but there are no hard and fast rules!  You may be studying, have finished your studies in the last few years or had a recent career change - in all cases you may find ExIStA Early Career events useful.

What are the aims of ExIStA's Early Career Section?

  1. Provide opportunities for members to meet others who are at the same stage in their career.
  2. Support the development of their statistical skills.
  3. Give members an opportunity to practice presentations amongst their peers.

Overall we aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for Early Career members to get together and discuss common interests.

What type of events do we run?

As well as the general ExIStA events which are open to everyone, we organise the following specific Early Career events:

  • Early Career presentations.
  • Social and networking events.

Details of past and future events are available here.  

What other support can we offer?

Information on careers, applying for grant applications and other useful websites are available here.

If you are interested in a regular statistics clinic for specific statistical queries, please register your interest by emailing us (events@exista.org).

How can you get involved?

If you are not already registered as an early career member and would like to receive updates specifically for early career events let us know by emailing events@exista.org.

We'd also like to hear from you if you have ideas for events that would like to see organised or other support that we can provide.  The sorts of ideas we have had suggested include a statistics clinic, online discussion forums and career presentations.

Finally, we are always looking for volunteers to help organise events or to present their work at an event. Email us to register your interest!