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Mathematics and Statistics

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Tommy Irons


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I graduated from the University of Warwick with a BSc in Physics in 2021, and following that I obtained a Master's in Applied Data Science and Statistics from the University of Exeter. Carrying on the work of my Master's dissertation, I started my PhD in Mathematics here at Exeter in September 2022. My interests span a great many disciplines, but my main concern is to do with learning more about the environment using mathematics and computers as my main tools. 

My Research

Supervised by Dr Stefan Siegert and Dr Ben Youngman, I am looking in to spatio-temporal Bayesian modelling, ultimately to be applied to statistical postprocessing of weather forecasts. Currently, I am expanding on my Master's dissertation which was on estimating trends in extreme river flows in the UK, blending a variety of inference methods with newer spatial smoothing methods from the Bayesian community to make realistic predictions about the state of UK rivers. 


I am currently helping run some tutorials for Dr Layal Hakim's MTH1002 Mathematical Methods for first year undergraduates in Mathematcs here at Exeter.

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