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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Mr Saleh Alharthi

Mr Saleh Alharthi


 (Streatham) 3612

 01392 723612


I am mathematics PhD student working on Euclidean Steiner problem which is an old geometry problem. In general, the Euclidean Steiner problem is a problem of connecting points in Euclidean space so that the total length of connecting lines is minimal. I am interested in both mathematics and biology, specialty the application of mathematics in biology. Professor Peter Ashwin made a link between Euclidean Steiner network (ESN) and endoplasmic reticulum in tobacco leaf in 2014 by proposing that endoplasmic reticulum networks are connected in a manner that can be modelled using Euclidean Steiner Networks. Our aim to develop a theory of locally minimal length networks, including generalisation of Steiner trees called Euclidean Steiner Network. Furthermore, we aim to find an ESNs on a given set of terminals and this can be computed numerically by GeoSteiner 5.1.(an optimization software package written in ANSI C) and our code in MATLAB. This project is supervised by Professor Ashwin, as the main supervisor and  Professor Biktashev, Vadim as the second supervisor and this project is funded by Ministry of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


- Bachelor of Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia 2011

- Master of Mathematics, Wollongong University, Australia 2018

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