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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Prof Roman Borisyuk

Prof Roman Borisyuk

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics


I am an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Exeter. Previously, I have been a Professor of Computational Neuroscience at the University of Plymouth (1998-2019).

RESEARCH INTERESTS: My reserach relates to modelling the nervous system, neurodynamics and synchronisation in neural networks with various types of elements and architectures. The rhythms and waves in the brain are of special interest.

Biological realism was fundamental in two BBSRC projects with neurobiologists Alan Roberts, Steve Soffe (University of Bristol) and Wen-Chang Li (University of St. Andrews) on modelling the Xenopus tadpole nervous system. Current BBSRC project “Dynamic network reconfiguration at the transition between motor programs” (2019-2024, in collaboration with Dr Joel Tabak (Exeter, Medicine and Health) and Dr Wen-Chang Li (St Andrews)) aims to reveal the principles and mechanisms underlying multiple motor rhythm generation and transitions between them. We have previously identified the neurons and synaptic connections underlying swimming and struggling of young Xenopus tadpole and studied each rhythm separately. In this new project we consider both rhythms to understand circuit reconfiguration during sustained sensory inputs which produce transitions between motor programs.

The main direction of my other research relates to modelling of neural activity underlying cognitive functions (perception, memory, attention), decision making and action selection. We model motor control in the basal ganglia under healthy, Parkinsonian and essential tremor conditions as well as the impact of deep brain stimulation therapy. The biological realism of these models is rather low due to a lack of important experimental details. This emphasises the value of the tadpole models based closely on detailed biological data.

OTHER INFORMATION: I am a member of Editorial Board of “Neural Networks” (Elsevier), the Official Journal of International Neural Network Society ( since 1990);  Cognitive Neurodynamics, Springer (since 2005); International Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, Imperial College Press (2002-2011). I am a member of the EPSRC peer review college, a reviewer of BBSRC and MRC projects.  I am a reviewer of EU research grants (since 2000) and   reviewer for different funding bodies (USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Cyprus, etc).

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