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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Mr Ross Castle

Mr Ross Castle


 (Streatham) 5280

 01392 725280


I am a PhD student interested in the general circulation of planetary atmospheres, most specifically Earth’s upper troposphere and how it will change with global warming. I work mainly with Isca, a numerical modelling framework developed here by CGAFD.

I am also interested in atmospheric gravity waves and their parameterisations in GCMs, including implementing schemes for convective and orographic gravity waves in Isca.

An intriguing question in climate modelling I am working on is this: Is whether it is necessary to include a well resolved stratosphere and gravity wave drag parameterisation when investigating jet shifts in future climates?

My supervisors are Prof. Geoffrey Vallis and Prof. John Thuburn.

I am grateful to the University of Exeter for funding my PhD.

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