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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Ms Manju Bura

Ms Manju Bura

PhD Researcher in Environmental Intelligence


I have a background in climate change science and a critical understanding of the context for action on climate change, having completed a Masters degree in Climate Change Science and Policy at the University of Bristol. My research interests are broad, encompassing the social and epistemic understandings of climate and the environment within various cosmologies.

My PhD research titled 'Social life of heatwaves' focuses on the critical analysis of how extreme weather events, particularly heatwaves are discursively constructed across modern and non-modern ontologies through mass media and lived experiences. To achieve this, I employ interdisciplinary methodologies including machine learning techniques and ethnographic approaches to study the ways in which contemporary meanings of heatwaves are constructed in public discourse. My research draws inspiration from various fields including science and technology studies, political ecology, and computational social sciences. My research in funded by the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence (EI CDT) and I am supervised by Dr Ernesto Schwartz-Marin, Dr Chico Camargo, and Prof Claire Saunders. 

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