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Mathematics and Statistics

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Kevin Bolton



I am a PhD student working in the mathematics department under the supervision of Professor Stuart Townley and Dr Markus Mueller.  The remit of my work is to develop a computational tool which contributes to the sustainable development of natural assets.  My PhD project is co-funded by NJW Ltd., a world-leading company for the analysis and visualisation of smart facilities management data.  Using the expertise of software development from NJW Ltd. and combining it with the modelling and environmental data analysis expertise at the University of Exeter, I aim to develop a computational tool to enable users to assess and sustain natural resources and assets at various geographic scales.

Research Interests

  • Data Analytics.
  • Dynamical Systems.
  • Software Development.
  • Risk assessment and uncertainty from model outputs.
  • Communicating mathematics to a wider audience.

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  • Bolton K. (2023) Towards a computational tool for the management of Natural Capital.

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