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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Dr Julian Newman

Dr Julian Newman

Lecturer Mathematics and Statistics (E&S)


My main research interests are in the field of random and nonautonomous dynamical systems.

I was awarded my PhD by Imperial College London in 2016 (supervised by Martin Rasmussen and Jeroen Lamb). The topic of my PhD was synchronisation by noise, understood as stability of trajectories of a random dynamical system (RDS); the main areas addressed were (a) dynamical properties of measurable RDS preserved under Borel-measurable isomorphism of the state space, and (b) for continuous RDS, abstract topological conditions under which local-scale stability of trajectories implies global-scale stability of trajectories.

My first postdoctoral position was an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship at Imperial College London, 2015-2016. I then had a postdoctoral position in Bielefeld, 2016-2017, and then a postdoctoral position in the physics department (Nonlinear & Biomedical Physics group) at Lancaster University, 2017-2019. I started my current position at the University of Exeter in September 2019, on the Horizon 2020 project Tipping Points in the Earth System ("TiPES").

My research topics include:

  • synchronisation by noise
  • measurable dynamics of random dynamical systems
  • topological conjugacy of random dynamical systems
  • synchronisation by finite-time slow-timescale forcing
  • wavelet bispectral analysis
  • ergodic-theoretic properties of asymptotically autonomous dynamical systems, and application to tipping points in the climate.

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