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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Dr Houry Melkonian

Dr Houry Melkonian

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

 (Streatham) 2315

 01392 722315


I am currently the Director of the College Foundation Programme as well as the Director of the College Sustainability Summer School. I am research active in Education Pedagogy as well as in areas of Pure Mathematics (Harmonic Analysis), and I have been engaged in various outreach, and widening participation activities, encouraging inclusivity in the study of mathematics and science.

For more details about the projects I led/co-led visit those published blog-posts:

1.     Melkonian, H. and Makar, K., ‘Towards Increasing Interest in Teaching School Mathematics as a Career’, Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia MERGA, July 2022. 

2.     Hendriks, S., Melkonian, H., Vlasiou, M., ‘Women in Mathematics Poster’, European Women in Mathematics – The Netherlands EWM-NL (prepared 2021).

3.     Melkonian, H., ‘The History and Culture of North British Functional Analysis Seminar (NBFAS)’, Edinburgh Mathematical Scoiety EMS, 2022.

4.     Melkonian, H., ‘Five strategies to generate a sense of satisfaction in your academic work, Times Higher Education THE Campus, Aug 2022.

5.     Melkonian, H., ‘Making blended learning work: a case study from Mathematics’, Excellence in Education,  May 2022.

6.     Melkonian, H., ‘How can educators identify teaching models for modules they teach?’, SOWISO, April 2022. 

7.     Melkonian, H., and Salvo, I. ‘Study Mindsets in Classics and Mathematics with Mindfulness and LEGO® Serious Play®’, Excellence in Education,  Jan 2022. 

8.     Melkonian, H., Salvo, I., ‘Exploring Student Experiences in Classics and Mathematics through Mindfulness and LEGO Serious Play’, Education Incubator, Nov 2021.

9.     Melkonian, H., Hodgson, E., ‘Inspiring the next generation of female STEM students’, Excellence in Education,  Nov 2021. 

10.  Melkonian, H., Ritchie, T., ‘Good at maths? How innovative projects are aiming to broaden student participation’, Excellence in Education, Sep 2021. 

11.  Collison, M., Earnshaw, K., Finn, M., Gascoigne, M., Melkonian, H., ‘Dartingtom online writing restreat 4 – Lockdown learning: notes on distanced education’, Education Incubator, July 2020.

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