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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Dr Hossein Mohammadi

Dr Hossein Mohammadi

Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science

 (Streatham) 3590

 01392 723590


Hossein is currently a Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science at the University of Exeter. Prior to that, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (two posts) in the Mathematics Department of University of Exeter. He also did a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne, France. His research is mainly focused on the development of methods for quantifying uncertainty in computationally expensive computer models. This includes Gaussian process modelling, adaptive design of computer experiments, Bayesian oprimisation, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. 

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  • Mohammadi H, Challenor P, Goodfellow M. (2024) Emulating complex dynamical simulators with random Fourier features.


  • Kimpton L, Salter J, Dodwell T, Mohammadi H, Challenor P. (2023) Cross-Validation Based Adaptive Sampling for Multi-Level Gaussian Process Models. [PDF]


  • Mohammadi H, Challenor P. (2022) Sequential adaptive design for emulating costly computer codes. [PDF]
  • Mohammadi H, Challenor P, Prieur C. (2022) Variance-based global sensitivity analysis of numerical models using R. [PDF]



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  • Mohammadi H, Le Riche R. (2016) Small ensemble of kriging models for optimization.
  • Mohammadi H, Le Riche R, Durrande N, Touboul E, Bay X. (2016) An analytic comparison of regularization methods for Gaussian processes.
  • Mohammadi H. (2016) Kriging-based black-box global optimization: analysis and new algorithms.
  • Mohammadi H, Le Riche R, Bay X, Touboul E. (2016) An analysis of covariance parameters in Gaussian process-based optimization, 16th International Conference on Operational Research, KOI, Osijek, Croatia, 18th - 20th Sep 2016.




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