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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of  Harriet Gilmour

Harriet Gilmour


 (Streatham) 2251

 01392 722251


I am a PhD student in the Maths and Statistics department. My research focuses on storms and associated rainfall extremes over South America and how these might change in a warming climate. To assess this, I am using mulit-year Convection Permitting Model simulations over the South American domain run by the UK Met Office. I apply storm tracking algorithms to these simulations to generate storm tracks and statitsics through time. I am particularly interested in Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCSs) and extratropical storms. 

I graduated from Lancaster University in 2022 with an MSc in Natural Sciences (including a year of study at Oregon State University, USA). 

I am part of the NERC GW4+ Doctoral Training Partnership. My supervisors are Dr Rob Chadwick and Dr Jennifer Catto at Exeter, Dr Kate Halladay at the Met Office and Dr Neil Hart at the University of Oxford.

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant responsibilities:

NSC2001 Frontiers In Science 2 (2023 - 24)

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