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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Mr Daniel Williams

Mr Daniel Williams

PhD Student

 (Streatham) 5280

 01392 725280


I am a PhD student interested in studying the climate and atmospheres of moist terrestrial (Earth-like) planets under the supervision of Prof. Geoff VallisDr. Will Seviour and Dr. Stephen Thomson. My research involves using 3D climate models such as Isca to understand cloudy aquaplanets and the greenhouse effect of tidally locked planets better.


  • Williams, D. A., Ji, X., Corlies, P., Lora, J. M. (2023) Clouds and Seasonality on Terrestrial Planets with Varying Rotation Rates, Astrophysial Journal ApJ (pdf)
  • Morton, J. M. et al. (2023) Global Warming and Arctic Terns: Estimating Climate Change Impacts on the World's Longest Migration, Global Change BIology (pdf)


  • Physics and Astrophysics MSci, University of Birmingham, 2019
  • Applied Meteorology & Climatology MSc, University of Birmingham, 2020

Supervision Activities:

  • Rui Xu (2024) - MSc Weather and Climate (co-supervised with Stephen Thomson)
  • Brian Dodd (2022) - MSc Advanced Mathematics (co-supervised with Will Seviour)

Teaching Activities:

  • NSC1002 - Natural Sciences: Mathematics & Computing
  • NSC1004 - Natural Sciences: Experimental Science
  • NSC2001 - Natural Sciences: Frontiers in Experimental Science

You can find me on twitter @meteo_dan

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