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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Dr Denis Sergeev

Dr Denis Sergeev

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 (Streatham - Physics postdoc office room 509) 5071

 (Physics postdoc office room 509) 01392 725071

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  • McCulloch D. (2022) The building blocks of the Martian atmosphere: Quantifying the influence of primary processes present in Mars’ climate.
  • Cohen M, Bollasina MA, Sergeev DE, Palmer PI, Mayne NJ. (2022) Traveling planetary-scale waves cause cloud variability on tidally locked aquaplanets, Planet. Sci. J, volume 4. [PDF]
  • Christie DA, Lee EKH, Innes H, Noti PA, Charnay B, Fauchez TJ, Mayne NJ, Deitrick R, Ding F, Greco JJ. (2022) CAMEMBERT: A Mini-Neptunes GCM Intercomparison, Protocol Version 1.0. A CUISINES Model Intercomparison Project. [PDF]
  • Braam M, Palmer PI, Decin L, Ridgway RJ, Zamyatina M, Mayne NJ, Sergeev DE, Abraham NL. (2022) Lightning-induced chemistry on tidally-locked Earth-like exoplanets. [PDF]
  • McCulloch D, Sergeev D, Mayne N, Bate M, Manners J, Boutle I, Drummond B, Kohary K. (2022) A modern-day Mars climate in the Met Office Unified Model: dry simulations, DOI:10.5194/egusphere-2022-718. [PDF]
  • Sergeev DE, Lewis NT, Lambert FH, Mayne NJ, Boutle IA, Manners J, Kohary K. (2022) Bistability of the atmospheric circulation on TRAPPIST-1e. [PDF]
  • Cohen M, Bollasina MA, Palmer PI, Sergeev DE, Boutle IA, Mayne NJ, Manners J. (2022) Longitudinally Asymmetric Stratospheric Oscillation on a Tidally Locked Exoplanet, ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, volume 930, no. 2, article no. ARTN 152, DOI:10.3847/1538-4357/ac625d. [PDF]




  • Renfrew IA, Pickart RS, Våge K, Moore GWK, Bracegirdle TJ, Elvidge AD, Jeansson E, Lachlan-Cope T, McRaven LT, Papritz L. (2019) The Iceland Greenland Seas Project, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, volume 100, no. 9, pages 1795-1817, DOI:10.1175/bams-d-18-0217.1. [PDF]



  • Sergeev DE, Renfrew IA, Spengler T, Dorling SR. (2017) Structure of a shear-line polar low, QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY, volume 143, no. 702, pages 12-26, DOI:10.1002/qj.2911. [PDF]


  • Spengler T, Renfrew IA, Terpstra A, Tjernström M, Screen J, Brooks IM, Carleton A, Chechin D, Chen L, Doyle J. (2016) High-latitude dynamics of atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, volume 97, no. 9, pages ES179-ES182, DOI:10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00302.1.


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