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Mathematics and Statistics

Photo of Ms Bryony Hobden

Ms Bryony Hobden


 (Streatham) 2253

 01392 722253


I am a first-year student working towards a PhD in mathematics studying abrupt changes in the paleoclimate, in particular Dansgaard-Oeschger events, supervised by Prof. Peter Ashwin.

My interests are compuational modelling, dynamical systems, and tipping points. My research project will focus on the modelling, analysis, and predictability of these D-O events. 

I am funded by the Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy at the Univeristy of Exeter.

In winter 2022, I graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in MSc Mathematical Modelling (Climate Science) and from the University of Bristol in summer 2021 with a degree in BSc Mathematics.

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